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Thomas Alexander

Food and Agricultural Photographer

Thomas Alexander was born in Shoreham, Kent to William and Caroline Alexander of Castle Farm. Growing up surrounded by natural beauty in a protected 'Area of Natural Beauty' inspiration was never far afield! Thomas picked up a camera shortly after his parents began growing Kentish lavender, and became professional in 2010. He began, very suitably with agricultural and landscape photography, but soon followed his 'explorer' instincts to Namibia and Libya to photograph distinctive African landscapes and (commissioned by London Zoo) the countries distinctive wildlife.

Thomas now resides in London and has made a name for himself as one of the city's foremost food photographers, working for some of Europe's best restaurants. He regularly photographs all over the world, with his most recent projects being in Rome, Stuttgart, Vietnam, and Melbourne. Agricultural photography is still very much close to his heart, and Thomas still journeys to his parents farm every month to capture the UK's natural beauty at its finest!

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