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Piotr Skoczylas

Portrait Photographer & Surreal Artist

Hi! I am a London-based portrait photographer, surreal artist, blogger, Photoshop and Lightroom enthusiast. My work was featured in many blogs and photography websites like and

My goal is to tell a story through my images and create a connection between the viewer and the artwork. I think of photography not just as a great media to express myself but also as a tool to bring people together! Traveling Europe made me realize that the people we meet, emotions we carry, unforgettable memories we store can be an inspiration for a fantastic piece of art. Life doesn’t end where it started, and you can only succeed if you immerse yourself in your passion. I hope my photographs show not only my skills but also freedom, love, mystery, intensity, drama, all the feelings, and emotions which make us who we are!

I spend hours on my art. I work until I feel this inner sense of happiness close to my heart. I like the fact that it all starts in my mind because there is only one limitation, our own imagination

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