Expert Profiles

Veronika Kotkova

Retro and pin-up photographer

Before I could call myself a photographer, I felt I had to demonstrate certain abilities. First: to see an alternative light to that which the everyday eye sees. Second: to be able to connect with a particular aspect of society and my environment, from a point of view that only those who truly have a passion for that particular subject can obtain. Third: to combine a subject and an idea in an original and captivating manner, creating a final image that appears spontaneous, yet required planning and precision.

I follow a certain lifestyle, known as Rockabilly. This, along with the pin-up phenomenon, is not just a ‘look’, or a ‘trend’ - it is a lifestyle, and one which has been close to my heart for many years and therefore gives me the confidence to take a client and create a beautiful rockabilly-styled image.

The ability to create such an image for any client is also grounded in my love for and experience with fashion photography. Since moving to the UK from the Czech Republic seven years ago, I have accumulated a considerable amount of experience in industries focused on the use of photography.

Image © Veronika Kotkova