Expert Profiles

Gry Garness

Photographer and retoucher

The late Gry Garness was a Norwegian-born photographer and retoucher who worked in London for over 20 years within fashion, music and advertising.

We were very sad here when we found out that Gry was ill, and she passed away in 2015. Mike had first met Gry when he was a student on a fashion photography course she was teaching in London in 2000. She was a very talented photographer who knew so much about shooting beautiful 'real' photography, but combined it with a brilliant understanding of post production, and had a gift for communicating it all. We'll always be very grateful for the help she gave to Photocrowd in its early years.

Gry believed that however much we manipulate, the soul of the image is essentially captured in camera. Her advice was "Develop your eye, learn your skills and keep it simple. Advanced is simply the basics in-depth.” In Gry's e-books and videos on retouching in Photoshop she always refers back to the basics, even when performing technically advanced somersaults. Latterly Gry shot and taught in Cadiz, Costa de la Luz, retouching, teaching photography and Photoshop courses, producing videos and writing.

Image © Gry Garness