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I live in Paarl, a small wine producing area in the Western Cape of South Africa, I fell in love with photography many years ago, unfortunately at the time the hobby was difficult to pursue due to the great expenses involved. As soon as the digital era arrived the photographic world was taken by storm. I was given two Canon camera's to use at my disposal a few years ago.I was totally unaware of the complexities and scope of photography at the time.From that moment on I was on a passionate and overwhelming pursuit of all and everything I could capture on my camera.

This caused me to experiment in all the different genres as I still didn't or coudn't know what style I would thrive on. What I enjoy most about photography is the scope it gives one to explore and express yourself. Everything can be viewed with new eyes and turned into a photographic experience. Although, I must admit I enjoy the more abstract, creative, out of the box thinking whereby the only limitation is your imagination most of all. I tend to dabble a bit in surrealism which I enjoy thoroughly.

I am a self- taught amateur photographer or I could even call myself a full time photographic hobbyist. On joining Photocrowd just over two years ago I have discovered that the site has not only helped me develop my skills but the great interaction with like- minded people has really been a motivating and inspiring source to me. I hope to develop my skills further on the site and help others if needs be.

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