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Susan Dimock

Nature Photographer

I believe that nature has the capacity to instill hope within the human spirit. I have experienced this in my own life and witnessed it in the lives of countless others over the last 22 years as a social worker and psychotherapist. Having a private practice and helping others was a fulfilled dream of mine. I recently made a decision to retire from that career and focus on a second dream - nature photography.

My first love in this creative realm was birds. I’m simply crazy about them. But I have also diversified and found countless hours of joy learning to make my own artistic renditions of flowers and landscapes.

I took third place in the National Wildlife Refuge Photo Contest of 2010 and placed in the Top 100 of the Audubon Society Photo Contest of 2011. My images have been used extensively for Oregon Coast Aquarium marketing. My husband Steve and I have had numerous local solo shows and been featured in many shows with other photographers as well. I aspire to utilise my work in efforts towards conserving our natural world and its marvelous wild creatures.

My husband and I are owners of “Bird Photography”, the largest bird photography community on Google Plus.

Photography draws me into nature and makes me pay attention to the physical world and my surroundings. Social work gave me the lens required to focus on the nature of humans. Similarly, photography now gives me the lens to focus in on nature, literally and creatively.

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