Expert Profiles

Carl Van Den Boom and Simon Markhof

Vallerret Co-Founder Carl Van Den Boom and team shooter Simon Markhof will select the expert judged competition.

Carl Van Den Boom: Carl is the co-founder of Vallerret Photography Gloves. Originally from New Zealand, Carl has spent the last decade chasing winter and now lives in Voss, Norway. Carl and his partner Stine started Vallerret Photography Gloves in 2014 as a solution to having perpetually cold hands while shooting in winter.

Simon Markhof: Early mornings, photography and design make up a day in the life of Vallerret Team Shooter Simon Markhof. From shooting landscapes to winter portraits, action sports or urban settings, Simon has such an eye for composition that it doesn’t matter what he shoots, his images are outstanding.

All images © Carl Van Den Boom and Simon Markhof