Expert Profiles

Gilbert Claes

Art Photographer of Abstract Minimalist Suprematic Deconstructivism

Gilbert Claes actually wanted to become an architect, but family circumstances decided otherwise and he became a teacher. That is why he photographs his 'dreams', as he likes to call his abstract and modern art photos, with a particular focus on modern, deconstructivist architecture.

He is a passionate follower of "suprematism" – an abstract art movement based on lines, shapes and surfaces such as circles, rectangles and triangles. He cuts the geometric shapes from his environment and makes them visible; abstract art where the emphasis is mainly on the artistic feeling and not so much on the visual perception of the forms themselves.

His photography art lives and breathes through the use of vibrant colours and strong contrasts. It is often a testimony to the "visual art of minimalism". Gilbert Claes fans can immediately recognise his photos by the way they fill each room through the perfect colour balance and balanced compositions.

All images © Gilbert Claes