Expert Profiles

Ray Massey

Commercial photographer

I was first exposed to light in Somerset in the South West of England. Thirteen years later I discovered photography whilst experimenting with a pinhole camera made from a coffee tin during a science lesson. To this day, the emotional experience of watching my first print develop before my eyes remains with me as a constant reminder of the magic of photography.

I consider my best achievement to be my unfailing enthusiasm stimulated by the diversity of my work. I have always been competitive and enjoyed a challenge. My passion for solving problems and making effects special has provided me with a regular flow of interesting commissions mainly involving still life, liquids, drinks, hand work and physical artistry.

I still get a buzz from bringing all the facets of a production together and I enjoy the support of an experienced and loyal team of assistants, model makers, stylists, producers and retouchers. I frequently set aside time for my own personal projects and experimentation.

All images © Ray Massey