Expert Profiles

Wolfgang Hildebrand

Artist, Photographer, Creative Director

In my childhood I was into drawing and painting, but I was always looking for something more precise, something faster. The first earned money from my after-school job was invested in a camera. Photography for me at that time was more documentary than a kind of art. A few years later – while studying communication and design – I was introduced to Photoshop. From that day on digital image editing accompanied me on my way, firstly in my own business as a creative director and for a few years now, as a full time artist focusing on manipulated reality.

Today most of my free photographic projects are focused on urbanity, humankind, and the future. My playground is the city – I love the temper, the hustle in it, the energy, and of course the constant transformation that takes place in it. Those urban surroundings are my preferred subjects. So, to stroll around the streets of Tokyo's Shinbashi or Hong Kong's Kowloon is something I could do over and over again – not getting bored in ages.

All images © Wolfgang Hildebrand