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Gabrielle Motola

Portrait, Travel and Documentary photographer

I began my training as a psychologist and filmmaker but after my first year, extended my practice into still photography. The main outlets of my creative expression are currently through the lens of still photography and the written word.

I'm fascinated with language, learning new ones, and our abilities to connect and (mis)communicate in all of them. I learned my first-second language at nineteen and believe it is never too late to learn another.

My personal work focuses on people, our identity in society, individually, and how society influences identity, with a focus on gender-related aspects. My commercial work spans the genres of portraiture, music, documentary and travel.

A self-confessed motorcycle addict since 1994, I completed a solo return journey (in two legs - near winter and late summer) from Stonehenge in England to Iceland's Arctic Henge to Reykjavik and back.

In August 2016 my first book An Equal Difference was published. The 165 images and 20,000 words began with one portrait project I completed in 2013 with the assistance of Olympus who I was a Visionary for at the time. In December 2018 Olympus chose me as their ambassador for documentary photography.

I guest lecture in photography and film and speak internationally about my work.

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