Expert Profiles

Rikard Rodin

Creative Director, Photoshop instructor

Rikard is the Creative Director of Tethos, a design agency in Los Angeles, California. He is proficient in graphic design, web and interactive design, 3D modeling and video and motion graphics.

He started in a darkroom when he was 16 years old, color correcting photos before Photoshop existed. He’s worked his way up and to the side of the creative industry, always with an emphasis on hands-on application: from running printing presses, hot stamping machines, screen printers and die acid etchers to directing film crews, model photography shoots and working in a film visual effects department.

Over the last 15 years, as a designer, art director and creative director, Rikard has designed hundreds of book, album and packaging covers as well as international advertising and goodwill campaigns for a wide range of clients; from SEGA and Riot Games to Ellen and Richard Branson. His designs have won more than 25 awards and been featured in industry and design magazines.

After almost a decade in the design industry and working with the best talent in many fields, Rikard started to share his knowledge through his design blog, ZevenDesign. His articles have featured in international publications, books on creativity and many marketing websites. More recently, he has started training others in Photoshop compositing—teaching classes at Chapman University and creating online courses that, with almost 25 thousand copies sold, have helped many photographers and designers become more skilled and proficient in compositing.

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