Expert Profiles

Cross Country magazine judging panel

Prestigious photographers in the world of free flight.

Jérôme Maupoint

One of paragliding’s best-known photographers. Jérôme has published books and photographed free-flying around the world.

Felix Wölk

Shooting hang gliding and paragliding for two decades, Felix is lead aerial photographer for the Red Bull X-Alps and widely published internationally.

Jody MacDonald

Award-winning adventure and documentary photographer, published by National Geographic, Patagonia, BBC and Red Bull among many.

Franck Simonnet

Editor of France’s Paramoteur+ Franck is known throughout the powered paragliding world as one of the sport’s best image-makers.

Photos from top to bottom: Jérôme Maupoint, Felix Wölk, Jody MacDonald, Franck Simonnet.

All images © Cross Country magazine judging panel