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Liam Bailey

Photographer and co-founder of Photocrowd

As a photographer, Liam took the unusual route of first doing a degree in chemistry, then training to teach it. Having decided that the classroom no longer suited him, he went abroad and found he could pay his way by taking pictures.

Back in the UK, after his personal work won editorial notice, Liam moved into professional practice, gradually focusing on shooting portraiture and documentary for the corporate communications and branding sectors. He has now been a working photographer for over 25 years.

Liam's personal work is regularly exhibited, and has been the subject of two books. He has an MA in Fine Art Photography from the University of the Arts, London, and is a visiting tutor to the London College of Fashion. Beyond the lens, Liam enjoys festivals, model villages, crazy golf, charity shops and reading the paper with talkSPORT on in the background.

You know when you have taken that shot, you get that rush, that joy.

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