Expert Profiles

Elena Paraskeva

Lifestyle and Landscape Photographer

Elena Paraskeva is a Lifestyle/Fine Art and Landscape photographer based in Cyprus. She has done several exhibitions in her native country as well as commissioned work for local magazines. Her work has also been published in international publications such as Digital Camera and N-Photo magazine. She has given online tutorials for large photographic communities such as Viewbug and has been distinguished in several international photography competitions.

Her belief that there is beauty everywhere, even in the moments perceived as ordinary and mundane as long as we take the time to look at them, has pushed her to capture everyday subjects and transform them into enchanting images that capture light and colour at their best and offer the viewer a little bit of magic.

She is currently collaborating with the Foundation for Autistic Children in Cyprus to bring more awareness to the issues surrounding the children in her country via a series of portraits and images documenting their daily lives

All images © Elena Paraskeva