Expert Profiles

Hardik Patel

Street photographer

What’s the best camera to shoot with? The one you have on you!

For me, that is my pocket-fitting Samsung Galaxy S7. Its sleek rear-facing 12-megapixel f/1.7 camera is convenient for my lifestyle on the go in Chicago. I’ve long since fallen in love with the Windy City and it’s why the majority of my work is centered around capturing many different elements that compose the city’s ever-changing architecture, streets, and seasons.

Today, my professional attention is laser-focused on building a premier photo management platform. At Monument (, a kickstarter-backed project, our mission is to help photographers end their photo mess with automatic backup and organization. It’s a tremendously rewarding experience to engage with the photography community everyday to develop tools and solutions that can make life easier after the shutter clicks.

If you’re ever interested in chatting about photography or life, I’d welcome a message!

All images © Hardik Patel