Expert Profiles

Karen Tillett

Macro and Mini Beasts Photographer

Although I have an enthusiasm and a passion for all types of photography, I started my photographic journey with Macro. I had a big fear of insects and bugs as a child and still do have some of that fear to this day, but having a camera in hand and getting to see how wonderful the insect world is in macro takes away all that fear. These little mini beasts are so beautiful and macro photography takes you into a whole new realm of wonder at these amazing critters. I use the Nikon R1C1 ring flash in conjunction with my Nikon D800 to capture them in all their all their glory.

For me photography has opened up my eyes to just how much beauty there is around us. We are all so busy with living life at 100mph we lose sight of all the beauty and wonder around us.

All images © Karen Tillett