Expert Profiles

Gary Childs

Advertising photographer

Gary has worked as a photographer for the last 30 years. After completing a degree in applied photography in 1983 and a couple of years as a staff photographer at Design magazine, the Design Council and running a commercial studio, he set up a studio in London. Since then he has worked for a range of commercial clients in advertising, design and publishing shooting mainly still life and products.

After shooting on film for many years, mostly on 5x4 and 10x8, he was an early user of digital cameras starting with a full frame scanning back and moving onto Sinar P3 when the single and multi shot backs improved.

His favourite style of photography remains still life. He enjoys the discipline and precision required for advertising images and the chance to use lighting to emphasise form, texture and detail. He has recently started to use light painting again, a technique he used a lot with film, and is excited by the creative possibilities that it adds to the digital process.

All images © Gary Childs