Expert Profiles

CEPIC Judging Panel

The judges for the 4th CEPIC Stock Photography Awards

Michel Curel
Freelance photographer for more than 25 years native New Yorker based in Barcelona, Spain. Specialized in architecture, interiors, hotel, portrait and travel photography working for clients in Europe, Africa, Middle East and United States in the luxury hotel industry. As well as in the past prestegious U.S. Publications: Newsweek, The New York Times,Sports ilustrated, Business Week.

Zhang Yang
Founder of Idea Images, a creative imagery agency based in Beijing. The company’s services span commissioned photography, stock photo production and visual design. Zhang previously worked for Getty Images China. Then as a freelance photographer, he worked with Tencent, Huawei and other Chinese major brands. Zhang was the winner of the 3rd CEPIC Stock Photography Awards.

Tim Lund
Tim Lund is owner and Managing Director of Ikon Images a specialist agency representing the work of leading artists and illustrators. This follows a long career in photography having been Creative Director at Visual Communications Group in London, Creative Director at Digital Vision, Director of Photography at Getty Images and Director in charge of Creative Production at Masterfile. Tim has run creative teams in London, Munich, New York, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo.