Expert Profiles

Simon Hadleigh-Sparks

Digital Artist / Image Creator - Multi International Award Winning Amateur

Amateur and proud….… Self-taught and still learning, my ambition is to get better and prove myself as ‘not bad’ with a ‘not ordinary’ recognisable style. I want my photos to stand out, be different, looked at. I continue to develop my ideas, sometimes extreme. My images draw your attention, they need to stand out in a world where anyone can take a picture. Especially abstract architecture, symmetry, extreme contrasts and reflected imagery. Positive comments from followers encourage me to develop and experiment further, people like the weird the different and I develop on that. I would love to have the perfect image ‘SOOTC’ but that is not me and not what I am known for.

My photographs are my vision and I am now at a point in my life where I can express myself through this medium. I never thought I was good at anything but after a numerous awards, I must be doing something right! I am 46 and am suddenly getting good at something and that is a bit odd when all around me it is only the young that are encouraged, supported and given opportunities to further themselves. Some purists don’t approve but my photo manipulations merely turn possibilities into reality. I view the world differently. I enter photographic competitions to develop ideas and skills. People may like my work or hate it but you still looked.

All images © Simon Hadleigh-Sparks