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Andrew Brookes

Technology photographer

I have been “exposed” to technology from the very beginning of my career, hanging out of helicopters while photographing supersonic aircraft for the Ministry of Defence. Since then I have been freelancing for over 20 years, experiencing technology in all its facets including quantum physics, life sciences, aerospace, healthcare and engineering.

Every day there are fresh challenges in trying to create unique images which defy the impracticality of the location, time constraints or just the unaesthetic qualities of the subject. In the studio it’s about creating atmosphere and the sense of a moment in time. Lighting is the most important element to my photography, focusing attention, adding intrigue and transforming the subject.

This year my images have been used by Siemens, NPL, Croda, L’Oreal, Deutshe Asset, BBC, Nature, Sunday Times and The GREAT Britain Campaign.

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