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Adrian Lyon

Still life, interiors and landscape photographer

As a lad growing up in Yorkshire my photographic journey began with discovering my Dad’s old 35mm Pentax, some Ilford HP5, the school darkroom and the Peak District as my canvass. I loved it and spurred on by great feedback began thinking about photography as a career. Summer holidays working for a local commercial photographer progressed to three years studying photography at Salisbury College and then to London where I began my professional career learning the ropes as an assistant, building up my portfolio and shooting for my first clients.

I’m based in London UK shooting in the studio and on location globally for advertising, design, commercial, editorial, PR and private clients. Technical skills developed in the era of film and large format cameras combined with being an early adopter of digital capture and imaging software plus years of creative production experience puts your brief in safe hands.

20 plus years later I’m still discovering, still learning, still loving it.

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